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We conduct workforce training and motivational sessions to inspire individuals and corporate organizations into optimum development, through seminars, team building/bonding sessions and special trainings, professional symposiums, executive retreats, keynote address and speeches for corporate organizations, staff, associates, managers and management and their support staff.


Diplomatic Etiquette

Diplomatic etiquette; definitions and concepts

Understanding world class diplomatic protocols

Communication etiquette in corporate organisations

Excellent business ethics

Mastering multicultural protocols 

The art and concept of courtesy in developing and developed societies

Practising the unwritten etiquette in corporate organisations

Titles, forms of address, diplomatic ceremonies, proper introductions, invitations and responses

Official entertainment and dining etiquette in diplomatic gatherings

Professionalism in demonstrating diplomatic protocols

State principles of security in diplomatic settings

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Lead Facilitator: Eric Israel – Okere



A Human resources training consultant and Motivational Speaker, holding B.Sc. in sociology and Anthropology from Benson Idahosa University Edo State in Nigeria, a Masters of Arts Degree in Advanced Disaster management from the Department of Sociology and Social Works in University of Nairobi, Kenya and Advanced Leadership Training from Haggai Institute in Hawaii USA and presently rounding off his Ph.D. in the department of sociology in Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya with numerous awards due to motivational speaking from various organizations. He is also the peer ambassador of Safaricom PLC Nairobi Kenya where he serves as a facilitator and a training consultant.

He is also the East African Liason Officer for Benson Idahosa University Nigeria where he fosters mutual relationship between the East African nations and Benson Idahosa University.


Eric is a young, eloquent, creative thinker, visionary and influential and a passionate role model who can help others positively and proactively move forward with their professional and personal lives. Eric’s style is energetic, thought provoking, challenging, content-rich and extremely interesting. Having been exposed to various cultures due to far and wide travelling to more than ten countries of the world on the account of human development training, he balances cultural values with experience in all training sessions which makes his sessions unique and an unforgettable encounter for a long time.


In whichever forum: keynote speaking, conferences, executive retreats, seminars, professional symposiums, team building/bonding or any other corporate event, Eric’s unique ability to train, motivate and inspire his audience to positive action is the highlight of every event.

Eric has widely travelled internationally on the account of training consultancy to countries such as several states in the USA, different parts of United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Seychelles, Brazil, Paraguay, South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, Turkey, Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya and Nigeria among others.

Eric’s experience working with diverse cultures and races of all ages and backgrounds enable him to relate to the real world opportunities and challenges that his audience faces every day. A Nigerian by birth, which gives him an edge over other trainers especially in the African market economy in which African Union Commission and other Organs of the Union has a large number of customers since he is verse in the African culture.


Eric provides his audiences with tools that can be applied immediately and a comprehensive education in what they need to know to remain competitive. He empowers audience members with the knowledge and tools they require to succeed as he makes each participant feel as though he is speaking directly to them.


As you engage Eric as a keynote speaker on attitude, passion, stress management, leadership, change management, innovation, synergy, team work, becoming a great team player, self-management, customer service (especially for different cultures and backgrounds), attitude, passion, self-motivation, office etiquette, or a related topic, Eric Israel-Okere can make your keynote, conference, corporate retreat, seminar or professional symposium a successful and memorable event that will generate long-lasting returns far into the future both for participants and the organization.


Through Eric’s inspirational, motivational speaking, consulting, coaching or training is another form of assistance, we are here to serve you in a manner that will best prosper your organization for the long-term.


 Pilots of Destiny has been retained by Safaricom Limited as Peer Ambassador for our customer care support staff from April 2009. The sessions have contributed immensely in mentoring our staff and I would recommend them for a similar assignment in any organization.

Joseph Ogutu

Chief Human Resources Officer 


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